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To:Tim McIntyre, Vice President for Corporate Communications at Domino’s Pizza From:
Date: April 13, 2009
Subject: A Comprehensive Crisis Response Plan

This memo will discuss and put forth a communication response plan for the recent crisis in order to mitigate serious public relation failure.

On Monday, April 13, 2009 two employees at a Dominos franchise posted five videos on YouTube showing the employees performing various acts of food contamination. These videos show the perpetrators doing this during store hours and implying that this food will be delivered to unassuming costumers.

Critical Issues
This crisis has the potential to cause much damage to the company in the following forms: * Damage to the brand name
* A loss of customers

In order to mitigate the worry these videos caused our customers we need to come out with a strong response. Included in that response will need to be an apology, a way to punish the perpetrators, and a course of action to ensure this does not occur again. After much deliberation, I recommend the following multi-step communication solution: 1) We should post a quick response as a YouTube video. The reason for this being that the audience we are targeting is the “YouTube watching” community. 2) A public apology.

3) We need to emphasize that we do not know if these videos are real or just a hoax, we are taking steps to verify the video and are prepared to take the necessary steps, including firing these workers. 4) In order to make sure this type of event does not recur, new procedures will be implemented in Dominos franchises which will include amore active role for store managers and frequent reviews of surveillance footage. Additionally, our social media team will actively monitor the different social media outlets for chatter related to Domino’s. The social media team will also run a facebook page and a twitter handle.

Domino’s is very...
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