Crisis and Emergency Management

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A Guide for Managers of the Public Service of Canada

CCMD Action-Research Roundtable on Crisis Management

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© Canadian Centre for Management Development, 2003 Re-print with minor corrections, 2004 National Library of Canada cataloguing in publication data CCMD Roundtable on Crisis Management (Canada) Crisis and emergency management : a guide for managers of the Public Service of Canada Text in English and French on inverted pages. Title on added t.p.: La gestion des crises et des situations d’urgence, un guide pour les gestionnaires de la Fonction publique du Canada. "Chaired by André Gladu" ISBN 0-662-67503-7 Cat. no. SC94-101/2003 1. 2. 3. 4. I. II. III. IV. Crisis management – Canada – Handbooks, manuals, etc. Emergency management – Canada – Handbooks, manuals, etc. Crisis management – Canada – Case studies. Emergency management – Canada – Case studies. Boisvert, Patrick. Moore, Raphael. Canadian Centre for Management Development. Title. 353.9’0971 C2003-980228-0E

HV551.5C3C32 2003 Internet SC94-101/2004E-PDF ISBN 0-662-36461-9

SC94-101/2004E-HTML ISBN 0-662-36462-7



Public managers rely on many types of research to stay on top of our constantly changing government workplace. Basic research lays down a solid foundation of understanding by describing and explaining the world in which public managers live. Applied research adds a practical edge by drawing out the decision-making implications of research findings. Action-research takes this practicality a step further. It provides timely and concrete advice to pressing challenges; advice that speaks to managers’ lived experience. It does this by involving managers at every stage of the research process. In short, it aims to take inquiry out of the research shop and move it onto the workplace floor — a key feature of a public service organization that learns. This guide comes from CCMD’s third wave of Action-Research Roundtables. This year our discussions with managers brought to light three research areas: • • • Crisis Management e-Learning Official Languages in the Workplace ACTION-RESEARCH CCMD’s action-research process brings together practitioners and experts from both inside and outside government to develop practical advice for dealing with pressing management challenges. The research process revolves around the deliberations of a diverse Roundtable – an ideal forum for rapidly pooling and scrutinizing knowledge, insights and experiences. The research is conducted over a oneyear period. The management challenges are selected by managers and senior executives according to their urgency and importance to the Public Service as a whole. The objective is to provide leading-edge, focused and practical products that public managers genuinely value and actively use in their work. The Roundtable is supported by a secretariat composed of scholars and Public Service researchers.

These topics relate directly to the day-to-day challenges managers face and are of strategic importance to the Public Service as a whole. This manager’s guide on crisis and emergency management is the result of the ActionResearch Roundtable on Crisis Management. It fills an important gap by providing a current and accessible perspective of crisis and emergency management in the context of the Government of Canada. The guide builds upon the work of others within the Public Service of Canada such as the Office of Critical Infrastructure...
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