Criminology Trought Art and Literature

Topics: Detective fiction, Crime, Criminology Pages: 24 (6838 words) Published: May 27, 2013
tHrough art and Literature

Alberto Pérez López


1. Criminology
-Practical purpouse of criminology

2. History of criminology

3. Criminology Nowadays
-Criminology today
-New tools

4. Crime as art object
-Notable books burning
-Censured films

5. Criminology in literature and art

6. Main characters of criminology though the contemporany art

7. References and links

1 .Criminology
Criminology is the science which studies crime, forms of criminal behavior, the causes of crime, the definition of criminality, and the societal reaction to criminal activity. Related areas of inquiry may include juvenile delinquency, victimology (the study of crime victims), theories of prevention, policing and corrections. Criminology is an important study in any country. Students will study the criminal justice system of a foreign country, as well as the specific crime issues it faces. Student's research areas include the incidence and forms of crime as well as its causes and consequences. Criminology is also an organizational reality involved with impression-management. It is the special field of study that addresses this question, and criminologists have offered hundreds of explanations for crime. Criminologists study a host of other issues related to crime and the law. These include studies of the victims of crime, focusing upon their relations to the criminal, and their role as potential causal agents in crime; juvenile delinquency and its correction; and the media and their relation to crime, including the influence of pornography. Criminologists who regard scientific objectivity as important pay little attention to literary works. But are often academics who study crime and the law. They often have a criminal justice degree that helps them provide theoretical explanations of delinquent and criminal behavior. The major role of criminology is to provide a general background in the causes of crime and the agencies of criminal justice. Specific areas covered include dealing with deviance, juvenile delinquency, the court system, and correctional facilities. The degrees provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to conduct in-depth research, work within the criminal justice system, and learn about specific psychological behaviors that apply to criminals. After completing a criminology degree program, most graduates gain work experience and training through a professorship or internship program. Criminology, on the other hand, is closer to psychology than it is to criminal justice, because it studies the minds and behaviors of criminals as opposed to their criminal actions. Most people who are looking for colleges offering online degrees in criminology eventually go on to become psychologists or eventually lawyers because of the skills that they can receive studying criminology, and if this sounds like what interests you then take a look at the schools offered through online resources.

-Practical purpose of criminology: prevention and control of crime. -Prevention-adopt legislative and social structures that prevent crime cell formation in the social fabric. -Control-is to acknowledge the existence of a phenomenon and adopt all useful and affordable means to circumscribe and limit in time and space, thus preventing the spread and reach unsustainable levels. Purpose of criminology seeks to end solve the most crime problem for them using various means of intervention approaches related to mining and ideological proponent selected criminological policy.

2. History of criminology
-Ancient Period
The earliest form of punishment was private revenge. The victim or the victim's family retaliated for injury and the community did not interfere. Private revenge often escalated to severe injury.The revenge could continue for years until one person or one of the...
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