Criminology Theories

Topics: Social control theory, Criminology, Albert Bandura Pages: 4 (1286 words) Published: December 8, 2010
Criminology Theories Dealing with Characters from Boyz N the Hood

Jamar Tyms

Westwood College


Ms. Peete


This Paper will discuss what theories can explain the deviant behavior of the characters in the movie Boyz N the Hood.

What Starts Criminal Behavior? History shows that through life violence is a cycle within itself. Criminology shows different views on how and why criminal behavior happens. By watching the movie “Boyz in The Hood” we see the crimes take place and show why these events happened. Based off the information from class and from past theories I formulate my own theories of why crime happens.

The movie Boyz in the Hood is based off the life of young black man living with his mom and moving to Watts, California to live with his dad. The movie brings friendship, parenthood, violence, and revenge into one concept of how parts of the country are. The people living in the ghetto’s are always classified as non educated and non-employed or both. In the movie Cuba Gooding Jr. plays the Character Trey. And when he was younger his teacher called his mother but instead of discussing the issue at hand she asked if his mother was employed.

Throughout the years Trey gets closer to his father but gets exposed to more of what’s in the streets than usual teenagers. Eventually his father feels that he starts to lose control over his son Trey. This brings out the Social Control Theory. According to Schmalleger (2010/February, 4th) Social Control Theory focuses on the strength of the bond that people share with institutions and individuals around them. He doesn’t want to put too much control over Trey because it would crowd him nor does he want to lessen his control over Trey because he could possibly loose him to the streets. The struggle of a father trying to guide his son away from the trials and tribulations of the street culture is making it a harsh reality to...
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