Criminology Research

Topics: Child sexual abuse, Child pornography, Federal Bureau of Investigation Pages: 6 (1938 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Criminology Research
Derrick Mungin
CJA 314
February 14, 2013
Professor Brice Gyurisko

Child Pornography in our Society
Child pornography in our society is the most despicable social issue in the American society. Even though there is a rise among child pornography users, society is still unaware of the total damage that this industry causes. Some people think child pornography is pictures of a baby-in-the-bathtub and there are some who believe that a 19-year-old dressed in a school uniform is child pornography. Child pornography is images of children viciously molested. Not only are they suffering sexual abuse, they are always being exploited when their images are traded online among individuals who use these images to fuel their sexual desire for children (Collins, 2007). This paper seeks to educate people on the seriousness of this crime. Society needs to be aware that not only is child porn morally wrong, it is has a lasting effect on the children used in the photos or videos that are available on the Internet. This paper will also discuss the people who engage in child pornography and how law enforcement is attacking the child pornography predators.

Who is affected by child pornography?
The costs of child pornography to children are enormous. The majority of children who act in child pornography are never abducted or forced to participate. In many circumstances they know the producer; it could be a member of his or her own family. Nevertheless, being the subject of child pornography can have demoralizing physical, social, and psychological effects on children.

Children exposed to child pornography are first persecuted when their abuse is committed and recorded. They are further wronged each time that record is accessed (Center For Problem-Oriented Policing, 2013). This involvement can cause them to have a one-sided idea of sexuality and also developing the ability to establish and sustaining strong emotional and sexual relationships. Also, children are likely to become victims of future sexual violence, risk of contracting a sexual disease, and a risk of unplanned pregnancies at a young age.

If being a parent was not hard enough with the negative influences available to children, parents have to deal with the possibility of their children becoming victims of child pornography. Imagine being a parent turning on the computer at home and see photographs of children being abused sexually. The first thing that comes to mind is the child, then discovering he or she is gone, clothes missing, and no clue of where they may have gone (Armagh, 1998). This is a common occurrence for parents today. Child pornography predators are using the Internet to lure children away from home and destroying their lives sexually. The Internet has made it easy for children to access a vast amount of information. Child pornography and the ease of receiving it have made raising children a challenge. Parents only advice to their kids at one time was do not talk to strangers; nowadays they have to talk to them about the Internet and the dangers within. “Parents have to talk to their children about this material and the fact that it is illegal and involves real children being abused” (Horkan, 2013, p.1).

Why do people engage in child porn?
Law enforcement is constantly scanning online to catch sexual predators that continue to take part in this type of behavior. Dr. Fred Berlin from John Hopkins Sexual Disorders Clinic says, “The behavior is driven by the powerful biological sexual drive” (Ward, 2007, p. 1).

Some offenders abuse children sexually in search of new, constant...
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