Criminology in the Future

Topics: Biometrics, Human rights, Privacy Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Criminology in the Future
Everyone wanted security in life. Whether faced with threat or danger, people could use protection in any given situation. New technologies created to ease the worries of an individual. An example was biometrics. The tools refer to automatic identification or verification of living persons using his or her enduring physical or behavioral characteristics (Johnson, p. 92, 2004). Examples of applications were fingerprints and facial traits. Many countries like the United States used the method to identify any individuals who entered the territory. Workers alerted if the person had any criminal records or are subject to a deportation. United Arab Emirate (UAE) has the world biggest iris recognition system (University of Phoenix, 2012). Anyone who entered the country had scanned his or her one side of the eye to the camera. The test may be for work related or the country’s protection from terrorist. The program prevented 54,000 people to re-enter UAE (University of Phoenix, 2012). In exchange to the protection society yearns, civil rights were violated. “Biometrics is an area in which having mechanisms for making decisions that respect human rights is especially important (Johnson, p.92, 2004).” The privacy of a person was taken away once scanned by the machine to collect data. The accuracy of equipment may be questioned. “Ideally, biometric systems would always provide probability of verification of 100% with a false accept rate of 0% (NSTC, 2006).” Criminals who stole an identity of a different person can ruin the reputation the victim. Once the record indicated the criminal act of the person’s name, authorities can monitor the movement of an accused individual. The privacy of the victim violated because of the false verification of biometric system. “ A database with biometric data presents a natural target for theft, malicious, and fraudulent use (Johnson, p. 90, 2004).” Another example violation of privacy right was given in the...
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