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Documentary Reflection
Yes, I agree with the documentary. The media is part of the increase of violence and crime in the United States. Media is not the only part of the reason why crime is increasing but with the information out today and with some personal reflection I can attest to the fact the media does increase violence. It is not criminal that the media aids in the increase of violence and crime. Media and media violence are only part of the problem in the United States. Factors such as poverty, job loss, and the economy play a role in the increase in crime. The media has taken over the lives of the US house hold. With the ability to access the internet and connect to social networks such as face book, twitter, and instagram from almost anywhere advertisers can manipulate and put on whatever they want you to get sucked into.

As consumers we must be smarter about what we purchase. We should purchase out of necessity not want. However, we live in a capitalist society in which our economy is based on dept and spending. From the video it said, “That 62 percent of money made is from purchased made by women”. Women are very important to the economy of the United States and they are targeted and used by the media. The media also objectifies women and make them seem like objects. In movies women almost always play the role of the damsel in distress. “In G rated Movies female characters wear clothing as in r rated movies”. We are constantly being desensitized by sex and it is becoming an everyday thing.

An other way the media exploits women is by telling them that they are ugly or not pretty enough. Style is constantly changing and women want to be called pretty beautiful and treated like princesses like the Disney type lifestyle. From a young age women are able to taught to want to be treated like queen and everything is going to go well at the end and prince charming is going to be her knight. As consumers, parents, guardians, bothers,...
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