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Brian Young Presentation
February 22, 2010

* FBI ASAC Brian Young will be a special guest speaker for the class.  ASAC Young is the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Detroit Field Office.  ASAC Young is a former student in the Department of Criminal Justice, former Indiana State Police trooper, and former Indiana University Police Department full-time officer.

* Establishing a rapport is important
* In order to get across a thought, feeling, opinion
* Communication is important
* Same basic foundation
* Interviews/Interrogations
* Documents and recording
* Investigations focused on the individual (FBI)
* UCO’s
* Extensive (vs. Limited) source/intelligence based
* Significant public impact cases (FBI)
* September 11, 2001 FBI changed forever
* All criminal investigations suspended national security *
* 5 priorities/duties that are only performed by the FBI
* Protect…
* Counterintelligence Division and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) * Changes resulting from 9/11
* Emphasis on “Joint Duty” Assignments for all Bureau Managers * Introduction of extensive Intelligence (Analytical) Driven Investigations * FBI Operations move from reactive posture to one firmly planted in “predictive intelligence” * “KNOW YOUR DOMAIN”

* Knowing what’s going on around you in the areas you patrol * Judicial Charging
* Information (Charging Documents prepared by the Prosecutor’s Office or USAO) * Commonly charged on the basis of information
* Most frequently used (vs. complaint, grand jury)
* Complaint (Charging Document prepared by the Investigating Agency/Officer/Agent supported by Affidavit) * Grand Jury (Charging Document in the form of an Indictment)* * Indictment—federal government states their case (one sided) * “May be a violation of law…”

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