Criminal Punishment

Topics: Crime, Death Penalty, Prison Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: July 19, 2009

If I was a member of the state legislature in State X and one of my colleagues would introduce a measure to reinstate the death penalty, my vote would be definitely against. In our constitution, the 8th Amendment prohibits the court from subjecting criminals to “cruel and unusual punishment” which includes death penalty. I support that concept because if death penalty becomes legal in United States a lot of people might find themselves on that death table for reasons that are not worth it. Firstly, a lot of the people who are in jails for the rest of their lives are not murderers. Secondly, everybody makes mistakes including jury who might make a big mistake that will cost somebody their life. And thirdly, death penalty might not be as terrifying as it seems.

My first argument why the death penalty should not be reinstated is because many of those inmates who are in jail for the rest of their lives are non-violent criminals. Yes, they did trick the system, stole money from government and other people, maybe even bankrupted some and ruined their victims’ lives very badly but do they deserve to die for that kind of a crime? I am sure, if death penalty would be legal, a lot of those non-violent criminals would be tied up in an electric chair just because there are some lawyers that are really good at what they do and if they would really want to, they would be able to convince the jury to give that horrible, but non-violent prisoner the death sentence.

My second argument why the death penalty should not be reinstated is because everybody makes mistakes, including the jury. The jury might get convicted that the prisoner is guilty and he or she deserves to die, but the jury can be wrong, What if six months later some new evidence comes up which proves the innocence of the convict that has already been executed. Legalizing the death penalty takes away the opportunity for the prisoner to prove his or her innocence in the future, which in this case...
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