Criminal Profiling

Topics: Crime, Offender profiling, Forensic profiling Pages: 4 (1207 words) Published: March 27, 2011
Criminal Profiling
Criminal Profiling, also known as offender profiling is a tool which can help investigators catch unknown criminals and at the same time developing a psychological sketch of the offender. It is an Investigative and behavioral tool to work out the habits and traits of the subject, in relation to the crime scene. There are many terms used when profiling a subject. There are three types of criminals; organised, disorganised and mixed.

An organised offender is someone who is thorough and meticulous in their work. They pick their victim beforehand and have all their tools needed to commit the act. Organised offenders are usually very intelligent, an oldest child and live perfectly normal lives. They act out because of a string of stressful situations. E.g. A death of a family member or constant stresses at work.

Disorganised offenders act on a rush of adrenaline and there is usually little to no planning of the crime. The criminal will have little to no emotion when committing the crime and there is little or no interaction between victim and offender. The crime scene will seem and feel very random and won’t seem to all add up; therefore many conclusions can be drawn from a single crime scene. They are usually below the average IQ level and are usually the youngest child. They are usually socially immature and live or work near the crime scene.

Mixed offenders are a mixture of both organised and disorganised criminals. They are harder to profile because it is harder to pick up on their traits and habits. However a profile of the offender can still be done. The profile might not be as accurate because there is a mixture. For example, they might have the tools to commit the crime but choose someone at random instead of having a victim in mind. A profiling strategy which is used by investigators is to be critical of everything and have an open mind when investigating the task, carefully looking over the “facts” of a case and being able to...
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