Criminal Justice Trend Evaluation

Topics: Criminal justice, Police, Crime Pages: 5 (1461 words) Published: November 19, 2011
Criminal Justice Trend Evaluation
Christopher Revels
November 13, 2011
University of Phoenix

Criminal Justice Trend Evaluation
The criminal justice system always has evolved with society in making modification in technology to detect growing trends. Barriers for growing trends could interpret change for justice in general. The basic for most changes are keeping up with society as priorities become more evident that signals review and inform on trends in justice. Criminal justice for forever altering to protect and serve a changing society in trying to affect the outcome before results is permanent. This paper will examine barriers within criminal justice as it relates to women and minorities in certain departments. In addition, identify and evaluate future and current trends affecting criminal justice as defined value in the system from a changing society.

Recent trends in criminal justice
In criminal justice recent trends relating to gender and racial assessments had been an issue that ensures equal opportunities for each regarding police work. The trends for women and minorities have evaluated in official and informal configuration of police organizations; however, obstacles related to gender and race although rare can happen (Muraskin & Roberts, 2009). Regardless of assessment made in different departments women have shown effective abilities to become patrol officers and provide some structure to a department. However, past trends have hampered processes into police work involving organizational resistance to slow down staffing and preservation of female officers. Technical resistance consists of failure to adjust police equipment and gear sufficiently for women along with continuous issues in testing and firearms preparations that could be prevented with procedural methods. Another resistance is political and cultural resistance that focuses on issues with development of flexible shift for maternity-paternity policies and child- care giving women options during their time as patrol officers (Muraskin & Roberts, 2009). Other obstacles such prisons are both cultural and structural discriminatory toward women making working conditions uncomfortable to do their duties properly. As women continue to prove equality in police work minorities trying to achieve status in law enforcement have other such issues in promotions and recruitment resulting in uncertainty about equal opportunities in law enforcement. Racial bias in law enforcement has been viewed as minorities deterred in areas of administrative level position in which empowered officials within the department enables African American and Hispanics officers to advance through the department. The focus for women and minorities is eliminating obstacles to organizational structures entailing work and positional development for applying change in modern criminal justice agencies. Although, adjustments are needed for complying with employee’s requests agencies should appeal to individual with different ethnic backgrounds and preserve qualified personnel when necessary.

Future trends in criminal justice
Future trends affecting criminal justice is related to the employment of learning organizational tasks within a department that helps internally and externally adjusts policies for public and private sectors in criminal justice. Necessary changes for organizational structures are needed to establish policy for important decision regarding both structural and cultural barriers that may require change with certain policies (Muraskin & Roberts. 2009). The purpose for cultural reconstruction is giving positive reinforcement for flexible models for working conditions and employee decision-making agendas that should be important factors in any future criminal justice in workplace. Another future trend in criminal justice is connection to personal development that forces criminal justice to incorporate...
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