Criminal Justice Systems Paper

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Criminal Justice System
Crime is the direct opposition of the law. Society defines a crime as a felony (a serious offense, usually involving violence and it is punishable by imprisonment), a misdemeanor (considered a lesser or minor civil offense), an offense (regarded as an act that breaks a rule or a law), and a sin (an act against morality, nature or God) ( DICTIONARY.COM, LLC, 2011). Although the first two descriptions are actionable, the last two may not be considered a criminal act, but an immoral act.

Our society has established rules that we agree to govern ourselves by. One of the assumptions we have about our legal system, is a man is innocent until proven guilty. Hence we define our system by dealing with the identification, correction, and application of the law. Keeping in mind that people are to be treated equally and the rights of every person, preserved.

Our criminal justice system is composed of three main segments that deal with crime.
The Police Department -- they identify and investigate that a crime has been committed and they enforce the law. Based upon the evidence, a warrant is obtained, the police arrest the offender and he or she is taken into custody. The booking consists of (a) the offender getting their picture taken – mug shot; (b) their personal and physical information is obtained in a database; (c) and an arrest record is created . Evidence is collected (at the scene if possible) and a reenactment of the crime is created to document the offense. This is our society’s front line defense to maintaining public order.

The next phase of our justice system is the Courts. Courts are to ensure that every individual’s rights are defended. Based upon evidence presented, an offender is entitled to a trial (due process) to determine if the offender is guilty of the crime. If found guilty, the offender will be sentenced and the punishment for the...
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