Criminal Justice System

Topics: Christmas, Jesus, The Time Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Is there a special holiday that you love to spend time with family and friends? I have two holidays that are my favorite. Christmas and Halloween are the best holidays throughout the year. Since it comes down to just picking my top favorite holiday I would have to say that would be Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday because it’s the time of the year where you get to spend time with family and friends, the weather around that time of the year is pretty and another reason Christmas is my favorite holiday is because it’s the time to celebrate the birth of the lord. To be with family and God means the world to me. It’s a joy to have everyone around that cares when I love about each other. I love spending as much time as I can with my family, friends and God. If it wasn’t for my family and God, I don’t know where my life would be at right now. When it comes down to being with family and friends is anytime during the year, of course! I have a lot of time away from my family because I have school and I live to far from them. When the time comes around and its Christmas time is the best time for me to be there with my family and friends and to just be able to talk to them. I don’t get to see my family that much but seeing them just brings me a smile to my face. Every year together with my family during Christmas we always have that one thing when we are together and it just brings everyone a joy to be around… that’s presents! Really, it’s to celebrate the birth of the lord together… and to get presents. This is one reason why I love Christmas. Another reason Christmas is my favorite holiday is the weather that time of the year is really pretty. The trees are mostly bare and may sometimes have frozen ice on the stems. Its really pretty that time of year because it’s cool or either cold. I don’t like the cold but the scenery is outstanding and gorgeous. I love the nature that time of year also, all the birds and fox and deer prints you can find in the...
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