Criminal Justice Process

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  • Published : October 12, 2010
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The definition of criminal justice is “the series of steps involved in any criminal activity like gathering evidence”. (Legal explanation. 2007) retrieved from In this paper I will illustrate the criminal justice process and describe the steps of each process. The process of the criminal justice is investigation, arrest, booking, bail, arraignment, trial, and outcome. Investigation is when a crime is made and “evidence is gathered to follow up on an investigation”. (Forensic Enterprise 2009. retrieved from An investigator goes to the crime scene and gathers the information. Usually it takes three hours a day for four days or more to find evidence. The purpose of having an investigator is to find evidence so the police can find the suspect. When there are offenders at the scene of the crime they are usual arrested or there is an arrest warrant issued. The officer plays a great role in this because there responsible for reading the suspects rights, taking the suspect to the police station. Once the offender is taken into “custody (arrest) it limits the arrestee’s freedom and there normal activities”. (Legal explanations. 1996-2010. retrieved from It depends on how long it takes to get arrest a person however sometimes suspects tries to resist then the office(s) may use there force. While the defendant is getting arrested the officer must read the rights (Miranda v. Arizona) to the defendant. The suspect is taken to the police station which now means that the suspect is in the process of booking. Booking is a procedure that put into the system like, pictures are taken, finger prints, personal information such as address, date of birth…. The purpose of this is to have details of the charges are on record, an administrate record of there arrest is...
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