Criminal Justice Organization and Administration

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  • Published : October 7, 2010
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Administrators are chiefs or assistant chiefs, mid level managers are captains and lieutenants, and first line supervisors are sergeants, they ensure that all units properly work together to achieve one common goal. Administration is the overall structure that contains organization and bureaucracy. The closer the administrator is to the operations, the more effective the agency is. Managers oversee the day to day operations and are part of the administration. However middle managers often become glorified paper pushers, preparing work schedules, overseeing recovered or confiscated property. Middle managers act as the barrier between administrators and operational personnel. Supervisors share common roles in their departments, mainly to see that their subordinates do their very best. Supervisors have many duties; after all they are in a leadership positions, therefore requiring excellent communication skills, exercising authority and command. Supervisors are primarily responsible for the behavior of their employees. As a result, supervisors have direct influence over employees and their performance. Mentoring, motivating, counseling and also disciplining are just a few of the numerous tasks that a supervisor performs. Innovative, supportive, traditional, and active are four basic types of first line supervisors. County sheriffs enforce laws and are responsible for the overall direction, co-ordination and evaluation of their units. County sheriffs are also in the supervisors’ category. A Police patrol sergeant is also a supervisor who trains, evaluates and provides guidance to personnel. A Correctional Lieutenant reports to the jail administrator and performs not only supervisory, but also administrative functions. Correctional lieutenants also possess administrative authority. The Police Chief assumes management responsibility for all police department services and activities. Also, a Chief coordinates police department programs and administrative matters with...
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