Criminal Justice Ethics Final

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Probation officer Pages: 4 (1530 words) Published: July 7, 2008
Juvenile Probation Officer
Lisa Pratt
Axia College University of Phoenix

There are many jobs and careers that can be achieved in the Criminal Justice field. They can range any where from being a cop on the street to being a Judge trying cases in a court room. While these jobs can be held and done well if a person does not have strong professional ethics, then the job that they do is not worth the paper they write on. The most challenging and rewarding careers that I have found is that of a Juvenile Probation Officer. Being a probation officer is a career that takes a lot of patience and understanding. The examples that are set by a juvenile probation officer are seen by young teens that are trying to change and have been given a second chance if you will to turn their life around. How the probation officer reacts and treats these teens will be what makes the outcome of their probation a success or a failure. A juvenile probation officer must be someone of sound mind and willing to learn new laws and policy changes quickly. As a probation officer you will be responsible for receiving and reviewing police referrals and deciding the appropriate action that needs to be taken. You will work closely with the juveniles and their family members to ensure successful completion of their probation. A juvenile probation officer will also have to make recommendations to the court in regards to multiple missed appointments, as well as failure to comply with all the court ordered requirements for completion of the probation. It is important that a juvenile probation officer be able to listen to the probationers and be able to pick up on any signs that they may be in trouble again, or that things may not be going as well as they would like. Making sure that you are also a positive role model to the juveniles that are on probation is very important. With the right attitude and willingness to help others, a juvenile probation officer can be the difference of a...
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