Criminal Justice Db3

Topics: Police, Constable, Police brutality Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: July 24, 2013
Discussion Board 3
Amanda Martinez
Colorado Technical University
Instructor: Russ Pomrenke

Discussion Board 3
Being a somewhat affluent community it would be appropriate to use the miscellaneous service and convenience norms policing role. The reason for this is being a somewhat wealthy community as discussed in the live chat by Professor Russ Pomrenke not that much crime will take place in this community. With the miscellaneous roles the police would assist standard motorist, look for lost individuals, assist with lockouts, and provide information. And with the convenience norms role the police would direct traffic, investigate accidents, write parking tickets, and make traffic flow suggestions (Pomrenke, 2013). The function of policing in this community would have to be the service style that has a concern of helping the people in their community rather than having a strict enforcement (Pomrenke, 2013). The reason for this is simple; being a wealthier community not much crime is expected therefore a more service policing would be efficient. The importance of the field training officer (FTO) concept is to shape the new officers just coming out of the police academy. The field training officer position is important within a police department. If the FTO is like the one in the scenario then the department is looking at shaping a new officer to bad standards. If one has a cynical or hostile trainer then they are more likely to dislike their job. This can bring down morale in the department, cause an officer to become corrupted or even make an officer use excessive force due to frustration. However, if the FTO is a great leader you are looking a shaping a new officer into a great officer. What is meant by the term working personality? Explain.

Explain how working personality is developed and how it functions in the scenario described above. Do you detect a certain degree of cynicism in the remarks made by your FTO? Why or why not?...
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