Criminal Justice: Concept, Process, System, and Agencies

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  • Published : August 16, 2012
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Criminal Justice: Concept, Process, System, and Agencies

Helen Jordan-Seals

CRJS 1001-12 – Contemporary Criminal Justice System

July 29, 2012

The Criminal Justice System goes as far back as the days of Jesus. There were Soldiers who acted like policeman, the tribune which was the court system, and Caesar, Herod and even Pontius Pilate stood as judge. The prison system was that of dark caves and dungeons. As we journey to the twenty-first century, nothing has genuinely changed. In my essay I will explicate how the various aspect of criminal justice relate to one another as well as why it so important in society. Criminal Justice refers to the facet of social justice that concern violators of criminal law. The community interest within the criminal justice system demands the apprehension and punishment of law violators (Schmalleger, 2012, pg. 7). The concept of criminal justice is that someone or persons accused of crimes are innocent till proven guilty though the proof is overwhelming. The three major elements of the criminal justice system are the police, the courts and the correctional facility and everyone play a major role within the criminal justice system. These processes involve a series of steps starting with a criminal investigation and ending with the discharge of a convicted offender from correctional supervision. The primary element of the criminal justice system is law enforcement. Police are public agencies whose functions are to take care of order within the community, manage crime by implementing the criminal law, and supply accommodations. They assist the prosecution by getting proof compulsory to convict an offender in court. Within the policing method the subsequent problems are dealt with: the crime, initial contact either with the victim or the suspect, investigation, apprehend and custody. The second element is that the court system. This is where the person charged with committing a criminal offense...
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