Criminal Justice

Topics: Police, Law enforcement agency, Constable Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: November 1, 2013
Recruitment of Women and Minorities

Kimberly Thompson
Criminal Justice Management-6
Professor: Joseph Pillitteri
Week 3-Individual Assignment

Recruitment of Women and Minorities

Describe what police agencies are doing to better address the recruitment issue of women and minorities: For the past thirty years, the number of police women had grown tremendously. In the seventies there were barriers for hiring women, which included height requirements; they were eliminated; there were subjective physical tests and oral interviews that were modified. Job discrimination suits expanded women’s opportunities. Women represented fourteen point five percent of the sworn personnel in the municipal agencies, thirteen point five percent in county agencies and eight point two percent in the small agencies. State agencies have a lower percentage of female officers than any local or federal law enforcement agencies; six point eight percent. Women account for fourteen point eight percent of all the federal officers, which are slightly higher than the percentage in the local agencies. Even though the representation of female officers are low with their overall proportion in the total population, the discrepancy is more evident in the rank of leaderships, where females number only one percent of the police chiefs in the United States. The number of females serving as chiefs has expanded a lot. But, since Penny Harrington took over as chief in Portland (becoming the first female chief in a large agency) in 1985 and Elizabeth (Betsy) Watson was assumed the helm in Houston (She became the first female chief in a city that had a population of more than one million people) in 1990.

Recruitment of Women and Minorities

In 2004, newly appointed females were serving as chiefs of police in San Francisco, Detroit, and Milwaukee. Currently mayors are looking for more sophisticated CEOs that will be able to oversee the large...
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