Criminal Justice

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Felix Lopez
Police Organization Paper
University of Phoenix
Brian Follett
April 06, 2012

Police Organization Paper

Describe various types of police agencies at the local, state, and federal level and how each is organized. *
* Orlando police, deputy sheriff department, highway patrol, border patrol. Orlando Police Department keep Orlando a safe city by reducing crime and maintaining livable neighborhoods. The 1001 sworn and civilian employees of the Police Department serve the citizens of Orlando through crime prevention, criminal investigation and apprehension, neighborhood policing, involvement through the schools with young people and overall delivery of police services. Sheriff Department, the world of law enforcement is different today. Taking on the task of serving as Sheriff in the rapidly growing urban environment that characterizes the Orange County of today is light years away from the days of the vast orange groves, pristine, crystal clear lakes, and the quiet bedroom community that was once Orange County. While many of the traditions, duties, and responsibilities of the Office of Sheriff clearly remain, today the county's top lawman must possess the knowledge and skills of a street smart cop along with those of the savviest chief executive officer sitting at the head of the table in a corporate board room. Orange County continues to grow and, just as it has in so many other urban areas in the United States, that growth continues to present new issues and challenges on the table of the Sheriff of Orange County. Highway Patrol: Service, Integrity, Courtesy, Professionalism, Innovation, Excellence. There is more DHSMV than meets the eye, their mission is to provide highway safety and security through excellence service, education and enforcement. The department of highway patrol has members around the state and are dedicated to accomplishing this mission. Also may be surprised by some of the duties they perform and the...
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