Criminal Justice

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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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Katelynn Ipsen
Rough Draft
The trouble with the laws these days is that criminals know their rights better than their wrongs. ~Author Unknown. I truly believe in this quote. Criminals know when they do something wrong they will get out of it with a plea bargain or they might not even step foot in the court room because someone else is already getting prosecuted for it. Courts and plea bargains go hand in hand these days. To me, I think plea bargains are not true justice, its laziness.

According to BGA, there were 85 wrongful convictions in Illinois. 81 out of the 85 cases involving wrongful convictions were involving government misconduct or errors.The investigation’s findings are based on the cases of 83 men and two women who were charged with murder, attempted murder, rape, kidnapping, and armed robbery, and who were exonerated between the years 1989 and 2010. Government error and misconduct was caused by purported eyewitnesses wrongfully accusing the wrong person in 46 cases, according to the investigations. False confessions occurred in 33 cases Lawyers not doing their job appeared in 23 cases. Incentivized witness testimony in 30 (an incentivized witness is someone who testifies with the expectation of some reward or benefit from law enforcement officials) according to According to police reports, Miller (one of wrongful convictions victims) became a suspect because two patrolmen saw the composite sketch of the rapist and thought it resembled a man they’d seen several days earlier near Lincoln Park, approximately two miles from where the rape occurred. Miller had worked at a restaurant near the Lincoln Park Zoo and said he was back in the neighborhood that day looking for another job as a cook. One of the parking lot cashiers picked Miller out of a lineup, another was described in police reports as having made a "tentative" identification, and although the victim picked two other men out of a photo array as possible suspects, at...
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