Criminal Investigation

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  • Published : September 24, 2010
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What considerations need to be addressed when investigating a homicide?

The considerations that need to be addressed are the following: The investigators needs to be careful to get evidence that identifies just one person, because they don’t want to accuse and even put in jail the wrong person, is preferable that the investigator has “smoking gun” at the time of press charges against someone. Also, investigators can’t let the personal beliefs or bias get it the way or cloud your thought process decision making or can’t disclose facts or details to those not involved in investigating the crime.

How can we reduce ethical problems involved in the investigation?

The way we can reduce these ethical problems is by making sure witnesses are questioned properly, without leading them to the investigators ideas; evidence is not contaminated or damaged, a defendant is told his rights, allowed a lawyer to be present, the press is told the necessary and by not letting personal thoughts, third parties or feelings interfere with the investigation.

What prosecution problems could arise when the case is presented for trial if the investigator was unethical?

An impatient investigator can try to get evidence to fit a particular person who has committed crimes before but could be innocent in this one. Evidence that does not clearly point to one person could be presented to look like it plainly belongs to one person Also, any evidence that resulted from the unethical behavior that does not always mean the end of the case, there could be legitimate evidence that may be presented in court.

What ethical issues are directly related to the prosecutor?

A prosecutor has the obligation to ensure that justice is done even if it means losing his case. He must provide disclosures including exculpatory evidence to the defendant and probably one of the most difficult ethical issue a prosecutor has to face would be, to not exaggerate or manipulate information that...
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