Crimes of the Heart

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  • Published : July 14, 2010
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The bond of sisters is a very rare and special bond. Sometimes it is hard to like one’s sisters but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t love them. It’s ok to think to yourself how much you dislike a certain quality of your sister but if someone else dares comment you are ready to defend her. Sisters are not always the same. They each have their own characteristics, styles and personalities. One thing is for sure, they are the only ones that truly know your family past, because they lived it too. I once read a quote about sisters that I found very interesting. “Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.” This quote could not be truer for the McGrath sisters. In the McGrath garden three beautiful and unique flowers bloomed; Lenny, Meg and Babe. All three McGrath sisters suffered the abandonment of their father and lived through the suicide of their mother; however the lasting impact was different for each. Each sister found their own way to cope or not cope with the traumatic incidents that occurred during their childhood. They felt alone in their suffering until the three sisters are brought back together under dramatic circumstances. Babe has shot her husband. The reunion of the three sisters shows how even though they have all tried to get past their childhood troubles they still continue to affect them in adulthood. Lenny is the oldest of the three. She is portrayed as a simple type of girl. She has low self esteem and is affected greatly by what other people think of her. People can easily bring her down and they do it for their own benefit. Lenny has a bad ovary and Granddad has always brought up that issue. It has made her feel like she didn’t deserve to be with a man. Lenny felt that she was not worthy of marrying a man because she would not be able to have children. Another example is her cousin constant put downs about her family. Chickie Boyle has always been there to tell Lenny what an embarrassment her family is. She tells her that Meg is known as...
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