Crimean War

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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Assess the importance of the Crimean war (1854 – 1856) for Europe in the second half of the nineteenth century. The Crimean war of 1854-1856 that broke out between Russia that was fighting on its own soil against Turkey that had the support from the allied nations Britain and France and then the support from Sardinia had showed its importance to Europe and had showed how Russian government and army were weak. This is what I will write about in my essay. Before the broke out of the Crimean, France, Britain and Russia were all competing for an influence in the Middle East and the Ottoman Empire, and there was an argument between them about who has the right to have a protector ship over the holy places Jerusalem and nearby Bethlehem. France supported the rights of Catholic monks while Russia supported the Orthodox brothers. Russia had always claimed the right to defend the Orthodox Church in the Ottoman Empire. The French emperor Nicholas III sent his ambassador to the Ottoman Empire to try to force the ottomans to make France has the protector ship of the holy places. The ottomans responded to France with a yes and made them the protectors of the holy places there. In July 1853, Russia retorted by occupying the Ottoman vassal states Moldavia and Walachia, and in October, the ottomans declared war. The war ended with the Russians defeat. The Crimean war lasted with the treaty of Paris signed on March, 1856 at the Congress of Paris. The treaty made the Black Sea that was controlled by Russia a neutral territory. Russia signed to return southern Bessarabia and the mouth of the Danube to Turkey. Moldavia and Walachia stayed under nominal Ottoman rule but they had been given independent constitutions and national assemblies. The treaty of Paris forced Russia to abandon its claims to protect the Christians in the Ottoman Empire, Russia lost its influence over the Romanian principalities and both Romania and Serbia have been given their great independences. As a...
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