Crime N Punishment Notes

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  • Published : March 19, 2010
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1. Symbols
• “Holy Fools” – Ch. 4- Sonia and Lizaveta, oxymoron of being righteous, saintly yet foolish; symbolize self-sacrifice, blind faith • “Sickness and Delirium”- Ch. 5 Raskolnikov’s guilt previously symbolized by blood, now is symbolized by sickness and delirium; Porfiry Petrovich indirectly accuses Raskolnikov of crime by accusing him of spreading his “illness” and of being “sick” and “delirious” • The Bible/Story of Lazarus- ties back to the “holy fools”; the story of Lazarus symbolizes Sonia and Lizaveta’s beliefs that religion will compensate them for their sacrifice and servitude (they hope to be resurrected by God, like Lazarus was); bible is obviously religion 2. Language

• Hyperbole/Allusion- “I think you and your whole reputation are not worth the little finger of that unfortunate girl at whom you are casting a stone,” (Chapter 2, page 290). Allusion to the Bible, Gospel of John, Jesus and the Adulterous Woman, where Jesus says, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her”. The bible quote asks one to judge oneself before judging others, which Raskolnikov believes Luzhin does not do. Raskolnikov hyperbolizes Luzhin’s insignificance by comparing him to Sonia’s little finger. • Asyndeton- “Something strange seemed to have passed between them…An idea had slipped through, a kind of hint; something terrible, hideous, suddenly understood on both sides…Rhazumikhin turned pale as a corpse,” (Chapter 3, page 300). This asyndeton implicitly shows Rhazumikhin’s realization of Raskolnikov’s crime. Without conjunctions, one senses just how sudden and daunting Rhazumikhin’s discovery is. • Malicious, insinuating tone- “And he’ll keep circling around and around me, smaller and smaller circles, and-plop! He’ll fly straight into my mouth and I will swallow him,” (Chapter 5, pg 325). Obviously a metaphor supported by the following word choice: • Word choice in...
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