Crime Writing Genre: "Disturbia by D.J. Caruso" Essay

Topics: Sociology, Morality, Disturbia Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: June 6, 2011
The Crime Writing genre has retained its perennial popularity owing to its capacity to transcend context, evolving in response to changing values and attitudes. The timeless 2007 film Disturbia by D. J. Caruso opens up for us an understanding of the fundamental changes time has brought on Crime Writing. Caruso examines the social mores of their respective contexts while combining the traditional conventions of crime writing with their own unique twist. Caruso’s Disturbia depicts a new high tech world of voyeurism; directly parallel to Rear Window but with the added social facts of modernity and new technology to appeal to a younger audience. The protagonist and amateur sleuth Kale, being “6 months shy of eighteen” is judged as an undependable witness whom nobody believes. Although some tension is interspersed throughout this film by subjective cinema like Kale video cam sleuthing throughout the whole film, it replicates the traditional conventions of the modern crime writing genre where there is a multitude of clichéd surface issues like the perverted and corrupt human nature. By using point-of-view shot sequence, each director is able to build on the ideas of Jeff and Kale having compromised their heroism by being morally dubious and impotent. “I’ll take care of it, when I take care of it” portrays the police in Disturbia as unreliable. Furthermore, the directors fabricate sleuths with increased realism as they implement low key lighting that creates suspense and connotes that the protagonist is very vulnerable as well as hoping that they are invisible to the villain. Caruso employs interior mise-en-scène to signal the pre-eminence of each character- showing Jeff being trapped in a plaster cast, in comparison to Kale being confined to his house by an electronic ankle bracelet. The conventions of the crime writing genre may restrict composers at times, but in order to maintain appeal and popularity, they must continually progress in their manipulations of the...
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