Crime Victims

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Prosecution of violent crime offender, (FBI, 1992) investigators must realize that the end of his analysis depends on the dynamics of human behavior. Speech patterns, writing styles, verbal and non-verbal gestures, and other forms and patterns shaping human behavior. These individual features work in concert to cause each person to act, react, work, or is made in a unique and specific. Individualistic behavior usually remains consistent, regardless of the activity performed. Since the commission of a violent crime involves all the dynamics of human behavior "normal", learning to recognize the manifestations of behavioral patterns allow the researcher to discover much more about the offender. It also provides a means by which researchers can distinguish between different offenders committing the same type of offense. There are three possible manifestations of offender behavior at a crime scene - modus operandi, signature or personification, and stage. This article indicates each of these events to demonstrate the importance of analyzing a scene in terms of human behavior. The M.O has great significance. A critical step in the analysis of the crime scene is the resulting correlation connecting things because of similarities in MO, unfortunately, the researchers make a serious mistake by putting too much significance on the MO to link crimes. Signature or "card." This criminal behavior is unique and integral part of the offender's behavior and goes under the actions necessary to commit the crime. The excessive use of physical force shows another aspect of the signature of a subject. A signature example of sexual behavior involves the offender who repeatedly uses a specific order in sexual activity with different victims. The firm remains constant and is part of each offender. And, unlike the M.O, never changes. However, the firm can evolve, as in the case of a lust murderer higher performing postmortem mutilation as it progresses from crime to crime. The original...
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