Crime to Person, Property, or Public

Topics: Federal government of the United States, United States Congress, Murder Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: February 11, 2013

CJ 230
January 28, 2013

During a dark and stormy night on an Indian reservation Mark decided to go to the store to get milk for his family so that they could have breakfast in the morning. When he went to leave the store a man named Dan decided to cold him up at gun point and shoot him point blank even though Mark had given him all of the money he had. Dan was later caught walking down the street after the police reviewed the security videos and the store owner recognized him. He had tried to deny the crime but later confessed to the crime because the video cameras the store had installed two days earlier had caught him. Dan would have gotten away with the murder if it were not for the store owner installing the cameras. Dan was prosecuted in federal court a few short weeks later. He pled guilty of first degree murder. Murder is the unlawful killing of another human being with malice aforethought according to the federal law. It is under federal jurisdiction because any unlawful killing on Indian land can be tried at the federal level according to He can also be tried at the state level because it happened in a specific state and he had robbed the man of his money. Robbery is defined as the unwilling taking of something from one person by another. Dan had gotten himself into a world of trouble because he was not only in trouble by the state for robbery, he was also in trouble by the federal government for murder because he chose to shoot someone on reservation land. If he had gone off of the land he would have probably had both cases tried at the state level depending on the circumstances that has arose.

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