Crime Story I Made

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My Crime Story Draft

‘Hope hurry up!’ Shouted my family from their mum and dad’s bedroom. ‘Come on we’re starting our dinner now!’ Screamed Jane, ‘I’m coming, just cutting this last piece of fabric,’ I exclaimed. ‘Hope Nidon if you don’t get here now I will throw your food away with your designs.’ I dropped all of my equipment and sprinted briskly downstairs towards my parent’s bedroom. ‘Sorry, I was just design the next big thing in fashion. Hey, don’t you dare tut Usher you will see in 15 years time I will be rich and famous. Isn’t that right mum?’ ‘Yes, dear now hurry up we’re all starving.’ I perched myself onto the cushion on the hard concrete floor and started to eat. After we’d finish eating our food Jane, Crystal and me rushed upstairs to our squashy bedroom before our brothers try and get our stuff (especially my designs.) ‘Luke, we’re going to see if we can get some vegetables.’ Mum said from the doorway, Luke was the eldest so he was always in charge when mum and dad left us. Meanwhile, we all go outside and play 40/40 IT. We had such a great time laughing and playing until... Angie shouted ‘Guy, come quick look mum dad I beat!’ ‘In English please.’ Laughed Tyson, We all ran towards our parents getting beaten up, Luke tried to make them stop but they didn’t. When we had finished watching the horrific sight we sprinted to them and there on the ground they laid dead, bruised and bleeding. ‘Right, we are going to stay in the house at all times, look after each other and I will be the leader.’ Luke said and from then on I had always been a housewife and had never been looked after by a parent.

‘Hello, Miss Nidon you have 2 interviews today, one with Will Smith at 2.40 and the other with Joe Swash at 6.00. Also, you have a press conference in 10 minutes.’ Explains Amanda, ‘Yeah yeah I’m not stupid that’s why I’m the best in the business.’ I reply marching along to my office. When I open the door my designs are all laid out perfectly around my room in there packages, when I go to sit down I land on a whoopee cushion. Slowly, I rotate around the office looking to see who did this. Then I see a luminous pink Primark plimsoll. Suddenly, I relies it’s my niece McKenzie, ‘OUT Kenzie now Auntie Hope has a busy schedule and on it, it doesn’t say playtime with McKenzie McKenna does it?’ I ask her ‘No, Auntie Hope sorry.’ She replies and she walks out with her head hanging down. I am no softy so I carry on with my work. All of a sudden Amanda calls me via phone and says ‘PRESS CONFRENCE!’ I do my hair quickly again and power walk to the lift, down the stairs and outside of HoN HQ. So many questions are thrown at me, but I only answer one and say. ‘HoN will be introducing a new departments Furniture, accessories and books. Thank-you!’ I bow and do a few posses and run to Café Rouge.

Inside Café Rouge, it’s quiet, warm and smells of sizzling sausages. Only the sounds of rustling newspapers and knifes and forks being used can be heard. Just what I need right now. I sit down and take of my coat waiting for a waiter or waitress. Finally, a waitress comes I ask for a full English breakfast and orange juice. While, I am waiting a musclly, dark skinned and handsome man wearing a dirty overall keeps gazing at me. I try not to look back but I can’t help it, he smiles at me and I smile back chuckling a little. I stop and fiddle with my hair and text my friends Jenny and Kelly about him. I get my food and drink eating and drinking it and leave. The next few days I see him again sitting closer and closer to where I sit. This is not occasionally, it is occurring again and again until he speaks to me and I get his number. Then we meet again this time it’s a date and I am really excited. Everything is going well until… I get a phone call from Angelina Jolie asking for her bright red Jumpsuit. So I have to leave. We keep meeting each other until he asks that one sentence that could change my life forever even though I have...
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