Crime Scene Investigator

Topics: Police, Forensic science, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: September 25, 2010
Crime Scene Investigation
As a little girl I always thought I’d be a lawyer or a nurse. After attending high school and watching a little TV those two professions were the last thing on my mind. By now I know you are thinking, what career has she chosen? Good question, I am going to be a crime scene investigator. I love following along while watching shows like CSI or The first 48. I can sometime figure out who did it before the investigators. “Crime scene investigation is often a challenging and difficult line of work for even the most experienced law enforcement agent. There are some crimes that are more difficult to handle spiritually and emotionally than others. Crimes against children and the elderly are often most difficult to excuse and most difficult for crime scene investigators to process psychologically” (Swanson, Chamelin & Territo, 1999: p 313). What Is a CSI

A crime scene investigator is also known as a CSI. There is a lot of different names for a crime scene investigator, but CSI is the most commonly known. How a few are other commonly know term for a CSI. “ET (evidence technician), CST (crime scene technician), FI (forensic investigator), SOCO (scenes of crime officer), CSA (crime scene analyst), and CO (criminalisticts officer)” ( How to become a Crime Scene Investigator

Before I explain to you how to become a CSI, let me clear something up. You do not I repeat you do not have to became a police officer to become a CSI. This is just my opinion the easiest way to become a CSI is to become a police officer. Other wish I have been told that you can take a course. Either way you will also need a two or four year degree. “Some agencies may require specific degrees, such as a Master Of Science Degree in Biology or Chemistry or Forensic Science. You will need to contact the agencies in your geographic area to find out what they require to be hired. “( There may be other on the job trainings required...
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