Crime Scene Investigation as a Career

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  • Published : December 21, 2010
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Crime Scene Investigation as a Career
Elisa White
Everest College, Online

Crime Scene Investigation as a Career
I have always liked the idea of solving things. In my hometown we have had some unsolved missing persons. This struck a nerve with me; I went to school with one of the people that are missing. The other was a young white teenage girl who was pregnant by someone of another race. I am a mom, as a mother I would want to know what happened to my child, no matter the outcome. The CSI shows I watch has entertained my thinking that one day I could be the one to solve these cases or at least possibly be involved in the solving of them. What is a CSI?

CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigator. There are several names that may apply to the same job description. CSA (Crime Scene Analyst), FI (Forensic Investigator) as well as many other unlisted names. The main job of a CSI is to document, identify, and collect physical evidence at a crime scene. (p.1)

The Crime Scene Investigator should examine the scene and speak to everyone who got there first on scene taking notes as to anything that has been changed, moved, or altered in anyway. Look closely at the floor or ground by the body. Look for stains, marks, etc. Look at all items located. Pay close attention to everything as you approach the body. Do not dismiss anything. Only one investigator at a time should approach the body. Never move or alter the positioning of the body. Take detailed notes. Never assume anything. Make a note of every detail of the scene as well as the body. (p.1)

Connecting a person or object to a specific crime scene is often essential in proving guilt or innocence. Developing such a link is frequently based on identifying and comparing trace evidence. This is where the CSI comes into play. New Technology is making it easier to identify the suspect and make it harder for the suspect to get away with his or her crime. (p. 1-2)

I knew when I started this paper I would be writing...
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