Crime Rates

Topics: Crime, Poverty, Economic inequality Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: February 14, 2013
In the recent years, crime rate especially in cities have been increasing at an alarming rate. This phenomenon has become a major source of insecurity and fear in the society and is a mind bogging problem faced by most governments. The increase of crime in cities are mostly due to the lack of education, social inequality as well as an ineffective justice system.

Firstly, the lack of education in immigrants is a main cause of the increased crime rate in cities .Cities are attractive places to those living in rural areas as a better living can be obtained. However, those who migrate to big cities often lack proper education therefore they are unable to compete with others who were raised in cities. This causes them to face difficulty in searching for jobs and are often of the low income group or even unemployed. The living expenses in cities are much higher than rural areas thus those people are obliged to resort to crime in order to get cash immediately to pay for their living expenses. So, it is clear that good education does play a vital role in crime rates.

Moreover, social inequality also contributes to the increase of crime rates in cities like Delhi, India. The rich live in luxury while the poor live in poverty. This imbalance in the society results in the poor thinking that the government is not being fair and also jealousy. The poor will then commit criminal offences such as stealing and robbing from the rich in order to show their dissatisfaction. Those living in poverty are desperate for basic necessities and often turn to crime as an alternative as it is the fastest way to obtain it. Therefore, the large difference in society classes leads to an increase in crime rates.

In addition, crime rates in cities are also influenced by the ineffective justice system of the country. In Battambang, Cambodia, the law does not have great authority hence the people are not afraid to commit crimes. For example, those who commit rape offences in Battambang do...
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