Crime Rate Gender Differences

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  • Published : September 24, 2012
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"Male crimes rates are much higher than those of females." Pg. 49 Cesare Lombrose argues in Chapter 2 under trait differences that masculinity played a major role in gender differences. I totally agree with him. Males are typically more aggressive than females and quicker to react off of their emotions than females. When growing up and learning at early stages in life, females are usually looked at as advancing faster than males. They are usually talking, walking, potty trained, etc faster than boys so their thinking skills are more developed and used on demand versus a male.

Pride also plays a major role in males having higher crime rates. Males usually entertain trouble and will not let a situation go if they feel some kind of disrespect. Retaliation is the only thing they can think about at this point. Females are faster to walk away from a troubled situation fully aware of the consequences of staying.

The liberal feminist theory suggested that the lower crime for women was because of their second class economic and social position. They assumed that as social roles changed and their life styles became more like men's, their crime rates would converge. Pg. 51 I do agree with this. Women were usually subject to household duties and the men being mire dominant but times has changed and women gathered the mindset that anything a man can do, they can too. Trucking and construction jobs are not just worked by men anymore, but women too. Serious crimes are not just committed by men anymore, but women too. In today's news, you see females being charged with murder and burglary as well as men. With this being true, male crime rates are still higher than females because although some women wants to play the tough men role, there are many that still does think about the consequences especially if they have children to attend to.
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