Crime Rate Comparison

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We have compiled together statistical information on certain crimes within two separate territories that are in a relatively close range. Both ranges carry a significant impact on one another and this is our attempt to show this, using factual findings. To begin, the specific territories are Modesto, California and Stockton, California, both of which are based in two different counties and neighbors one another. They both carry high crime rates; however, their economic stability is a huge factor in stabilizing the current crime rates and reducing the amount of heinous crimes that occur. Three main crimes that will be used to compare Modesto and Stockton are sex, thefts (burglaries) and murders. To help see the comparable data between each city, we have designed a data table that compares the yearly statistics to each specific crime and the city they were committed in. Both cities have an interesting historical background. To help understand the devastation that of each these crimes create, a brief history of the founding of each flourishing city is to be explored. Stockton and Modesto are 33 miles apart and are separated by numerous country roads. Much of the gang and criminal activity can go, largely, unnoticed given the convenience of this form of cover. Home invasions can occur in these remote areas and are a haven for criminals to commit such crimes as sexual assaults, burglaries and murder. However, these criminal acts usually occur within city limits and can happen in a place where the criminal does not live or frequent. Some predators will venture into other counties to commit crimes, in order to elude recognition or capture. There are task forces in effect trying to reduce criminal and gang activity. County authorities, the U.S Marshall, and a federal task force are fighting to reduce our current crime rates.


Stockton, California was founded in 1849 by a German immigrant named Charles M. Weber. Mr. Weber had acquired over 48,000 acres through a Mexican land grant to make unsuccessful attempts at gold-mining. Several names attributed to Stockton include Tuleburg, Gas City and Mudville. The city was officially named after Commodore Robert F. Stockton, a naval officer who was responsible for driving the Mexican forces out of California in the 1840’s. It became the first city in California to receive a name that was not Spanish or Native American. The City of Stockton was officially incorporated on July 23rd, 1850. By 1854, Stockton was the fourth largest city in California and today is the main seat of San Joaquin County with a population of 296,357 (Bureau) (Population).

The Port of Stockton opened in 1933 as the first inland seaport in California. Ships from all over the world arrive at the inland port located in the heart of the nation’s richest agricultural area. The legendary Delta, created by the confluence of several rivers and many man-made channels, is what in many ways defines Stockton and surrounding communities (Bureau). Stockton has been home to the University of the Pacific since 1924 and has also supplied an off-site campus for California University Stanislaus. Stockton has been culturally and ethnically diverse since its beginning as a muddy-street gold-rush camp. The city has always had a diverse ethnic community, including a large Chinese, Mexican, Japanese and Filipino population. All these groups have contributed significantly to the development and degradation of the city (Bureau). Modesto

Modesto became the end of the Central Pacific Railroad line on November 8, 1870 and was incorporated as a municipal city on August 6, 1884. Modesto was originally to be named Ralston, to honor William Chapman Ralston, the director of the Central Pacific Railroad. When he objected, the town was named Modesto, a Spanish word meaning modest, after Ralston’s modesty. In the 1880’s, new homes were built east of downtown. Today, the Mchenry Mansion, built by Robert...
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