Crime Prevention Methods

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  • Published : August 8, 2012
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Crime Prevention Methods
Cynthia Huffstetler
July 28, 2012
Jeff Nelson

Crime Prevention Methods
Three crime preventions of property crimes are keep your home, vehicle, and belongs locked up at all times; utilize a neighborhood watch program, put in place an alarm system or security camera. I live in a quite community that has security cameras at all entrances and police drive through several times a night. This seems to have deterred crime in this neighborhood. According to the “crimestoppers” (n.d.) three out of ten burglaries are committed without force entry. Another good way to prevent theft or at least have a way of retrieving your property is marking the property with some type of engraving or rubber-stamp with an identifying mark in a noticeable location. Three crime preventions for enterprise crimes are do not give out your personal information either over the phone or over the Internet, if something sounds too good to be true investigate, and do not be greedy. The third prevention is one that I think that is the main prevention of enterprise crimes. Far too often people fall victim to such crimes because of greed. They hear the "great investments" and want to just jump on that train for their own self-satisfaction, so they fall victims to scams, schemes, so called "investments". It takes the justice system far too long to find, catch, and persecute such criminals that they usually "get away" with these crimes for years on end.


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