Crime in South Africa

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  • Published : April 10, 2011
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Crime in South Africa
Introduction to Crime in South Africa
How much does crime affect tourism in South Africa? this is a question asked by many tourist planning to visit the Country. South Africa is a near to perfect tourist destination. The South African beaches and wildlife are spectacular, the standard of accommodation in South Africa surpasses that of most first world counties and the value for money is unbeatable. Unfortunately South Africa does suffer from far too much crime and it is recommended that you take these circumstances into account when you plan your visit to South Africa. Safety and Security in South Africa

Political violence has significantly decreased in most areas of South Africa since the establishment of a democratically-elected government in May 1994. Areas most frequented by tourists, such as major hotels, game parks, and beaches, have generally been unaffected by political violence. Although foreigners have not been specifically targeted, travelers are encouraged to be vigilant and avoid any large gathering. Nevertheless, the possibility of renewed violence particularly in times of heightened world tension. It may be advisable to avoid the large public gatherings that are common on the following South African holidays: March 21 (Human Rights Day), April 27 (Freedom Day), May 1 (Worker's Day), and June 16 (Youth Day). While visiting game parks and reserves, leaving your vehicle or otherwise being on foot can be dangerous, even in the presence of a guide. There have been several incidents of wild animal attacks on tourists in the region, which have resulted in deaths and serious injury. Crime in South Africa

Although the vast majority of visitors complete their travels in South Africa without incident, visitors should be aware that criminal activity, sometimes violent, occurs on a routine basis. Crime in South Africa is perceived to be a significant threat to the country's overall stability and to the welfare of its citizens. Criminal...
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