Crime in Society

Topics: Crime, Death Penalty, Criminology Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Crime is something that is within our world every day. If you were to ask people just walking down the street how they would describe a criminal, most would probably speak of the street criminals. Many people do not pay attention to the white collar crimes or the crimes that are not happening around the area that the live in. Crime to me is something that someone does to break a law. Crime is basically something someone would do if they had lost their job and could not take care of their family. They would fend or what they could get, even if it meant break a law or committing a crime. These people would feel as if there was nothing else out there. Society has the options to view crime as they will. Some will define crime as everything is bad if they are breaking a law, they should be punished. Others would define it to be light for some criminals that have punishments and for crimes like murder some would consider this crime is a death penalty case in some societies. Someone can define crime with any of their opinions. Many people define crime as murder, robbery, or even damage to someone else’s property. Many people would consider these crimes to be punishable by law. An accurate statement and crime that we know to be true would be the shooting that happened this year at the movie theater in Colorado. We know that this crime is true because he had guns and ammo hidden within the theater before the incident occurred. Also, that he killed twelve people and injured more than fifty would be another way to show that it is true. It was well planned and thought out for what he was doing and when he was going to do it. There was also eye witnesses that said he looked ready for way. This was one of the deadliest mass shootings in the United States history to date. After they was finished at the scene of the crime, the cops decided to visit his home, in which to find it booby-trapped and found more guns and ammo. One widely misconception that many people have in the...
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