Crime in Our Society

Topics: Crime, Drug addiction, Theft Pages: 3 (1175 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Crime in our Society Essay Crime reflects the character of people. This is a painful fact we don't want to face. There is no effective form to change character. All those qualities in life that makes us what we are also help us become criminals. Heredity and environment, interaction of the individual in society, the totality of human nature and experience. Crime reflects more than just the pitiful few that commit it, it reflects the character of society. How did these people capable of stealing a car, or mugging a cripple become that way? All that they are and all that they have experienced is what drove them to commit a crime. Crime is not just sordid happenings, it is human nature. People commit crime. Some think that man is essentially good, and that given the chance, he will develop as a benign being. Others conceive man to be essentially evil and believe that he must be controlled for his own protection and the existence of an ordered society. Crime is a “Carry On” type industry. It never stops and always keeps growing on. The society has its own rule. Our society says that “One is innocent until he or she is proven guilty” and it never gives unusual and cruel punishment. Actually the terrific truth is that society itself creates the criminals and laws are there for them to live free. Crime does not require any kind of education or work experience and there is not that much risk, so the person who has nothing to lose can easily choose crime as his or her career. Gun ownership as American Gun Culture describes looks at the masculinity side of why men own guns. Also explains that family legacy of gun ownership is often a factor in determining whether one will become a gun owner. Many of young people got their first guns as gifts from parents. In the US guns are very easily and...
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