Crime Data Comparsion Paper

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Crime Data Comparison Paper
Tania Perkins

Crime Data Comparison
Crime has become very serious all over the world. In some areas, crime is extremely high and law enforcement officer really do not know how to keep up with it as a whole. However, in every city the crime rate can vary from year to year, or month to month it all depends on the crime. In this paper there will be examples of two metropolitan areas and the different data they may hold. Also, this paper will be comparing the occurrence of the offense in that selected area. Therefore, identifying the number of occurrences reported to the police of each area. These mean it leaves questions like: What area had more reported incidents? What were the rates of the crime for each area? Did rates change overtime in either area? What factor might explain the difference in the rates? Comparing Occurrences

The two metropolitan areas are DeKalb and Fulton County; these are metro area based out of Atlanta, Georgia. These are the two major counties in Atlanta. Therefore, this were the most crime occur, wither it is reported it still unknown. For the most part, the comparison between the two is that Fulton County crime rate is much higher than DeKalb County. For example, the percentage of violent crime and property crimes has a much high rate in Fulton County between 1999- 2008 (RecordsPedia, 2009). This means during the period these crimes were reported Fulton County became the city with the most crimes that may or may not have been reported to local officials. Police officers could only do more patrolling, but they could not catch every crime that may have occurred within this county along. DeKalb County is this not out of the wind because crime is still happening in this county as well in 1999-2008, so by this being said DeKalb may not have crime rates as high as Fulton County, but there could be a possibility that they may reveres each other meaning DeKalb may have...
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