Crime Data Comparison Paper

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  • Published : July 18, 2008
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Crime Data Comparison
CJA 323

Crime Data Comparison
This essay will be about the forcible rapes in tow metropolitan areas of the United States. This information in this essay will derive from the United States Crime Report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program was begun by the FBI in 1992 in response to a national initiative undertake by the International Association of police agencies and policy makers throughout the country. In 1930, the United States Congress enacted Title 28, Section534, of the United States code, which authorized the attorney general of the United States to begin gathering crime information. (U.S. Department of Justice-Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2005) Forcible Rape is the index offense chosen from the Uniform Crime Report. This program forcible rape is defined as the carnal knowledge of a female forcibly against her will. This program includes all assaults and attempts to commit rape by force or threaten of force. But if a person should perform statutory rape without force and any other sex offenses this procedures will not be included in the program forcible rape is excluded. (U.S. Department of Justice-Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2005) Forcible rapes offenses are high in rates. In 2001, the Crime Reported Program stated there were an estimated 90,491 forcible rapes in the United States and the rapes increased by three percent when the crime reports was compared to the year 2000. In the United States nation there were sixty-two point two percent forcible rapes per one hundred thousand females. In the last five to ten years from the year two thousand actually in nineteen ninety-seven there were an estimated value of seventy point three percent rapes. These numbers clearly shows a sizeable decrease in the last several years. Recent study shows that in two thousand and six there were estimated values of forcible...