Crime Data

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Crime Data Comparison
Comparing similar crimes, in metropolitan area such as Phoenix and Dallas. The FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR) data shows in 2009 Phoenix had 76 reported murders, and Dallas with 86. Dallas with a lower population number of 1,290,266 had higher murder rate, Phoenix with population of 1,597,397 reported in 2009. Reported murder rates dropped in both areas in 2010, Dallas with 73, and Phoenix with a reported 50. “National reports a decrease of 6.2 percent of violent crimes during the first 6 months of 2010” (Preliminary Semiannual UCR, 2010.) According to Phoenix Police Department (2010), Manager/Police Chief Jack Harris said in September that (contributing factors to the decrease in crime are efforts of two addition new precincts). Figures reached a low over a span of 20 years; Efforts focused on repeat offender and greater collaboration between police and community to solve problems in effectively using resources. Technology has played a large part in crime statistics compared to same quarter last year. Murder rates have dropped almost 40% Phoenix police have upgraded computer and equipped police cars with cameras and more effective laptops (Phoenix news May 24, 2010.11:11 p.m. MDT). Arizonans dealing with illegal aliens has also made for the decline in crime rates, changing the focus on protecting their borders. The FBI Uniform Crime data only shows reported crimes, all murders are not reported and these reports are done voluntary by law enforcement agencies. Dallas crime down 10.2 % from 2009, the 7th consecutive year crime reduction. With 148 murders in 2010, 10.8 % reduction from 2009, 112 murders per 1,000 is the lowest rate in 53 years. Community partnerships have engaged in iWatch and public surveillance cameras in the community. Committed workforce approximately 600,000 calls for service and response time for emergency calls down 10%. The Dallas police have also increased sworn staffing to 3,690 officers as of October 1, 2010 (Dallas...
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