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Topics: Robbery, Crime, Bank robbery Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: July 16, 2012
What Have I Learned Question
July 15, 2011

What Have I Learned Questions
1. Would you rather spend 1 year in prison or receive 5 years of probation with very severe restrictions? Could you envision a probationary sentence that was more severe than a custodial sentence? Explain your answer. I would never want to be confined in a jail or prison at all. If I had to choose I would take the 5 year probation sentence and stay out of trouble, however many criminals look at the situation differently. Some people think that receiving probation means that you have gotten away with the crime and thus they ignore all directives given by the probation officers. Probation officers have a hard time tracking these individuals and eventually they end up back in jail. I cannot envision a probationary sentence more severe than a custodial sentence but if there is one, the government needs to utilize it. 2. What length of jail time might deter a bank robber: 1 year or 5 years? Does it depend on the amount of money an individual might receive from stolen items? Why? I believe a bank robbery is a bank robbery, no matter how much money the robber receives. All bank robbers want the maximum amount of money possible when robbing a bank. I feel as though the minimum sentence for this crime should be a mandatory 5 years and that the robber is made to do the entire sentence. To give a robber 5 years and have them only do 2 years of the sentence is not a deterrence, to give them 5 years and make them serve 5 years should help. 3. If you knew for certain that prison did not deter, might you still be in favor of its use? Explain why? I would not be in favor of prison if I thought it did not deter, however I do believe that prison is a deterrence for many individuals. People in the world today see so much going on around them every day in their communities, especially children and adolescent teens. Many people get caught up in their surroundings and thus lose...
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