Crime Causation and Diversion Paper

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  • Published : October 2, 2012
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Crime Causation and Diversion Paper
Dana Sage
September 18, 2012
Ron Gray

There are many diversions, intervention and or prevention programs that help deter juvenile delinquents from committing crimes. In this paper, it will compare two different diversion programs that operate in the state of Michigan that help deter juvenile delinquents from committing crimes, using drugs, and having social problems related with friends and family. It will also compare and discuss the programs major goals, objectives and core beliefs. The paper will also provide each programs key participants, the services they provide to youths and identify which program is more effective at reducing crime. How the Program Reduces Crime/Goals

The first comparing program is the Michigan State Diversion Project Program, which is a behavioral treatment program for juveniles who are or have been arrested. This program uses college students to serve as the caseworkers to help work with the juveniles. The program also uses three themes in program and research and experiences with youth offenders. The first theme (“Michigan State Diversion Project,” 2010) that is used is that juveniles respond more efficient when they are treated outside of the juvenile justice system. The second theme that is used is that a juvenile’s family and community are the main people to help with interventions. The third theme used is that non-professionals can be more effective and inexpensive than professionals. Key Components/Services

The students (caseworkers) are usually juniors and seniors that have had 8 weeks of training in behavioral advocacy and intervention and then they are supervised with the juveniles for 18 weeks. During the 18 weeks, the students spend 6 to 8 hours a week with the youth in their community, home, and school to be monitored. The program believes that hands on intervention works better than original court proceedings of youth offenders, but only if...
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