Crime and the Media

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Crime and the Media
Over the last few years reality based crime shows have appeared on many television networks. These shows depict actual investigations of crimes as they have unfolded. While reporting crime is nothing new in the media circuit, reality shows like The First 48, Crime 360 and Cold Case files are getting high ratings. Although the ratings are far better than the networks would have expected it appears that there is a trend in the type of crimes that are investigated.

“The cameras roll as law enforcement from some of America’s most violent cities, including Miami and Memphis, canvas the crime scene of a murder victim. As crime scene specialists gather evidence, detectives interview possible witnesses and ascertain the victim’s identity. Investigators display gritty and raw emotion as they make death notifications to victims’ families. Tensions run high as these professionals attempt to recreate the last hours of a victim’s life, meet with coroners, and interrogate suspects”.

(Find Internet TV, 2009)

In viewing the popular reality crime show The First 48 and Crime 360 the predominant race of the offenders are African American males. The settings for most of these investigations come in the heart of crime ridden cities. The types of crime featured are robbery, theft, domestic situations, drugs, gang related, arson and cold blooded murder. Each of these crimes depicted on the show ultimately resulted in the life of a person being lost.

With each episode that was reviewed the crime that predominated was a robbery which ended as a homicide. In one episode of The First 48 titled, “Eleven Dollars” a man was brutally murdered in broad daylight by two African American males. The two young men planned to rob a well known neighborhood man. The two men knew of the deceased’s daily routine and decided to rob him. The man was viciously attacked by the offenders; they shot the man and...
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