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Crime and Terrorism

By | Jan. 2008
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Crime and Terrorism
The Al-Jihad is the name of an Egyptian terrorist group based out of Cairo. It is considered a key component of Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda organization. The group has been active since 1970 and its main goal is to attack the US by overthrowing the Egyptian Government and replacing it with an Islamic state. (Cronin, Aden, Frost, & Jones, 2004) It views the US and all its citizens as legitimate targets for its role in Middle Eastern affairs. In the past, the group has mainly targeted Egyptian government officials, as well as Egyptian and American establishments.

I think that with knowing the groups' plans and ideas the US and other countries can then develop ways to stop or hinder their abilities. Knowing whom the group works with and is working for also helps counter-terrorist efforts. After 9/11, I believe that the United States has learned a lot more about this group and their plans. We have also learned new ways to spot their groups members and exactly what their goals are. Learning more about these types of terrorist groups gives a better advantage in preventing further attacks on the government agencies and will help prevent future loss of life. Because the group is so well connected, joining forces with other countries and agencies can also help the US stop these types of groups from becoming even more of a threat.

With terrorist, their motivations are to them for the greater good of their country; group; or people. They do not see their actions as being bad or evil but often see them as being what their God or country needs them to do. In the case of the Al-Jihad, they are under the assumption that they are working for the greater good of the Islamic people and for the greater good of Islam. They believe that those that oppose them are evil and "pagan demons." When religion comes into play, it makes terrorist and extremist harder to fight. Unlike common murders and rapist who commit crimes because of selfish reasons, these...

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