Crime and Punishment

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  • Published : March 8, 2012
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1. Trace the psychological process of Raskolinkv's mind from the planning stages of the murder to the final realization of love. Raskolikov's mind goes through a series of stages as he progresses from the time of the murder to his eventual realization of love. At first, he believes that he is separated from society entirely and isn't the same as most people. In essence, Raskolinov believes that he isn't the same as most people and even considers himself above them. However, it is this very belief that isolates him from the rest of the world. Raskolikov puts this lonely life upon himself by believing that he is a “superman” or Ubermench. He doesn't just think that he is above people's way of thinking either; he believes that he is above all morals and ethics as well.

The reason why Raskolikov commits the crime is to affirm the truth in his head that he is above all, including life and death. Even after committing the murder, he pushes away the notion that he could be wrong because he needs to have the feeling of superiority. It is only In the end of the novel, when he confesses and goes to jail in Siberia that Raskolikov finds that surrendering to the beauty of emotion and love and equality (not superiority) that his mind is finally more sane then it was. In that realization of love, Raskolikov changes his thoughts on himself to that of an equal and in doing so, enters himself back into society.

2.Explain the “superior man” argument and evaluate Raskolinkov by the theory.

In Raskolikov's mind in the beginning of the novel, he is wrongly convinced that he is above all morals and above the human race as a whole, both in his way of thinking and otherwise. He describes himself as a “superman” and thinks that he is a superior being (Ubermench). The reason why Roskolikov is isolated from society in the beginning of the book is because he chooses to alianate himself since he finds himself better than everyone. Raskolikov is trapped in an...
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