Crime and Punishment

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Value Change Essay- 3rd Draft

In Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky, the main character, Raskolnikov, develops throughout the novel and ultimately becomes a dynamic character. Raskolnikov first seems as an individual who struggles with conforming to society and believes in his superiority. As he comes back to reality and realizes his human identity, Raskolnikov’s thought process becomes complex. His personality and ideas alter from beginning to end due to influences such as Svidrigailov, Sonya, and his essentially good conscience. Raskolnikov experiences a revelation with his values and thinking changing completely. In the beginning of Crime and Punishment, Raskolnikov is portrayed bluntly as one who feels superior to society and shows pride, but as he comes to terms with reality throughout the book, he develops as a dynamic character, changing from self-centered values to ordinary values such as family and religion.

When Dostoevsky first introduces the reader to Raskolnikov, Raskolnikov believes he displays no flaws especially in his ability to rationally think. He perceives himself as superior to the human race and holds an interesting disgust for them which is conveyed through his distaste for human interaction. Raskolnikov obsesses his mind with the idea of getting rid of the pawnbroker for the betterment of the poverty-rich society, which he believes depends on him. His mind is completely consumed with the plot for the crime. He talks himself into proceeding with the misdeed by convincing himself that society would diminish without it. After the murders, he still only thinks about himself. The main dilemma compiles of his need to remain innocent and to make himself enjoy the murders. While not so concerned about the punishment that comes with being caught, Raskolnikov does not want to face the chance that he belongs at the low level of a human criminal. As he begins to realize he killed not an idea but rather a person, Raskolnikov begins his...
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