Crime and Devience

Topics: Gender, Male, Female Pages: 4 (1074 words) Published: February 12, 2011

Assessment Criteria 2.2 critically examin statistics on the distrabution of crime and deviance with referance to : Gender

One of the distinctions that we need to understand is the differance between "Crime and Deviance". They are not always the same things Deviance occours when people do not conform to social rules - norms and values. This could be something as minor as wearing the wrong kind of clothes to a partyor as major as killing someone - deviance is behaviour that is not seen as acceptable or normal. Crime occours when somebody does something which is against the laws of society or something illegal. Sometimes an action may be classed as deviant but not criminal, or criminal but not deviant. We must take many factors into considiration as values change from group to group or between diffrent cultures within society and over time, and terefore what we consider as deviant will change. A hundred years ago a lady showing her ankles would be classed as deviant not something that we would not see as a problem today.


Official records show that a greater number of males are commiting crime compared with females, so there has to be something in the diffrent construction of femintity and musculinity that can help explain why. Anyone that looks into the socilogy of crime and deviance, it will become clear that it is mainly about male offending. Although 80% are male offenders and 20% of all offenders are simply ignored. There are three major approaches why females commit crime, they are;- . Biological explantions

. Sex - role theory
. Transgression

Biological explanations approach has been used by many writers to explain why so few women commit offences and so few do. Its all because the beleif that women are different to men. Where females have natural desire to be careing and nutering. therfore "Normal" women are less likely to commit crime.

Sex role theory approach argues that females are less llikely to commit crime...
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