Crime and Causation

Topics: Crime, Juvenile delinquency, Criminology Pages: 4 (1460 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Crime Causation and Diversion
Name: Carla Johnson
Course: CJA/403
Date: Jan. 14, 2012
Instructor: Mr. D. Wolfgang

Causation and Diversion
Within the last several years, statistics have proven that there has been a constant increase in the amount of crimes being committed by juveniles. The office of Juvenile and Delinquency Prevention compiles arrest information that they receive from law enforcement agencies around the county. Every four years the OJJDP offer statistics found in there reports. Although the reports are not 100% accurate, it does provide an accurate pattern in juvenile crimes. A significant amount of juveniles were arrested due to thefts, simple assaults, drug abuse, disorderly conduct, and curfew violations. In 1999, approximately 2,468,800 juvenile were arrested, an alarming 380,500 were arrested for theft, drug abuse violation accounted for 198,400, and violent crimes accounted for 103,900 of the total arrest. The issue concerning juvenile crime has become alarming for parents, citizens of the community, law enforcement, and elected officials. We may ask ourselves why so many young children are resorting to criminal behavior. Is it the music they listen to, the movies on television, peer pressure, parental guidance, or the lack thereof? Many adults believe that tomorrow is the future for many children, but for adults it’s just another day. There have been theories created to try and define their acts. We are aware that a theory is a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something that based on general principles. It is based on hypothesis and backed by evidence. Although research has been completed, and the experts have provided their opinions, we have to agree that there is not a single solution. We must also understand that no clear explanation has been reported. One thing we are sure of is majority of our delinquent juveniles live in poverty stricken areas, because they are exposed to more violence, and they began to...
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