Crime Against Women in Ncr

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“Problem Framing”
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In NCR the crimes against women are on a high. Incidents of molestation, rape and murder are quite frequent – the recent being the incident of rape outside a nightclub in Gurgaon. Haryana Police has directed all nightclub owners and other commercial enterprises not to allot work shift to women after 8 o'clock in the night. This stance of police has come under a lot of flak from different quarters.

“A woman who worked at a Gurgaon pub was gang-raped”

“21-year-old Radhika Tanwar was shot dead by a suspected stalker in New Delhi”

“23-year-old girl was allegedly abducted and gang-raped in a moving car by a neighbour and his friends in Noida”

These are some instances showing crime rate against women in National Capital Region.

The Delhi-NCR region has thrown up numerous such instances of police apathy in rape cases. When asked to explain the rising instances of rape, the cops have invariably blamed the women, an array of extraneous factors or resorted to specious arguments instead of looking inwards and focusing on police reforms. The most disturbing aspect of this is the rank misogyny that underlies it.

Crime against National Capital Region is alarming. Usually every day a single case of rape is reported in every city area of India. So it is wrong to say NCR alone. But The National Capital Region has become a hub for rapes and sexual assaults. In 2010, as many as 414 rape cases were reported in Delhi, the highest among 35 major cities in the country.  At least three women were raped or molested in the national capital. A total of 128 cases of molestations and rapes were reported from Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad in the first 45 days of the year. Delhi/NCR Often been called the rape capital of India. Why is Delhi India's most dangerous city for women? May be because Chaotic growth, bad policing and a judicial system close to collapse. Recently A 23-year-old girl was allegedly abducted and gang-raped in a moving car by a neighbor and his friends in Noida

A woman was gang raped by five youths, who also thrashed her boyfriend in Kamla Nehru Nagar in Ghaziabad.

A 14-year old girl was raped by a neighbor in Mehrauli in south Delhi. And The 23-year-old Girl, who worked at a pub in a mall in Gurgaon, had alleged that she was sexually assaulted by a group of six men.

In view of gang rape incidents recently in Gurgaon Police tells women Don't work after 8pm: Deputy Commissioner P. C. Meena has issued many Do’s and Don’ts to women to avoid eve-teasing and molestation. What tops his list is the criteria that women should not be out in the public after 8 PM. As per to his orders, now shopping mall and pub owners and those running shops and commercial establishments have been asked to not to keep women employees on duty beyond 8 in the evening. If women employees are detained on duty after that, it should be with the permission of the Labour department.

Instead of implementing stringent laws to curb the few rapists out there, the Gurgaon Police decided to uproot all the women from their work places by 8’o clock in the evening. This curfew clearly reflects the authority’s attitude towards women. There is an obvious attempt to restrain women’s freedom, but apart from that legitimizing 8 PM as the standard time for women to be out of the public areas has rather put them in more danger. Instead of ensuring for safety for women, the Gurgaon police have imposed limitations on them.

He said women employee are deputed on duty during the night shift, that is, after 8PM, her safe transportation from her home...
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